Friday, 5 October 2012

Been a Hot Day

The temperature has risen significantly the past day or so.  This means fun and useful outdoor pursuits, like gardening, can leave one hot under the collar.  I have, of late, been engaged in the creation of my Franken-bench and the installation of new power tools (in addition to taking time out to shop online).  I have also been making stuff.  Today, this is what I made.  This is a piece of natural Chalcedony Druzy that I had lying around the office for a little while.  I wanted to make something simple to encase it because it really needs no embellishment.  Its swirly, glittering surface reminds me of my childhood vision of the planet Venus.  I cannot explain why, but perhaps a steady childhood diet of 30's and 40's Hollywood movies might have something to do with it!  Nevertheless, I give you The Venusian Pendant.

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